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devra's doorway

23rd March, 2010. 8:32 am. I am now...

officially a grandma. Rosalynn and Madilynn made an appearance at 12:50 am. The two wee ones will share the same birthdate as my sister, Ronnie, who passed away a few years ago. (Thanks sis for guiding them into this world). They're beautiful and I'm so proud of my daughter and I don't think there are words to describe what I'm feeling at this moment.

Current mood: ecstatic.

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14th March, 2010. 3:09 pm. beta me wrong/beta me right

In fanfic, a disclaimer warns the readers of a myriad of subject matter, ie slash, het, hurt/comfort, OCC, etc. Should "not beta'd" fall into the same category?

I know, from personal experience, when a descriptive word had been omitted from the disclaimer, many a time the writer will receive a reminder from the reading public. Some of those reminders might be gentle and some... well not so much. So I've learned to pay strict attention to the words I use in my disclaimer and try to see this first introduction to my fic through the eyes of the reader.

So, if I need to make sure all my proverbial bases are covered when I post, shouldn't it be considered common courtesty for a writer to advise the public that the fic they are about to read 'hasn't been beta'd' and they should enter at their own risk? Hell, mentioning the beta'd word would actually forewarn the reader and there is the possibility that the author might avoid receiving crit focusing on their grammar and spelling deficiencies. In other words, the reader can quickly back out without bitching about what a fuckup job this was as he/she knew what they were in for from the start.

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10th December, 2009. 6:14 am. Many hugs...

for the virtual gifts. Warm fuzziness abounds~and I thank you for that. Now I wonder if Santa will give me for Christimas the ability to transport myself to the four corners of the world to give all my friends real hugs as opposed to virtual ones... I've been a very good girl.

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7th September, 2009. 3:34 pm. SCC fic: Orchestration of One

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles ~ Orchestration of One by
Rating: Teen
Warnings: None
Spoiler: Pre series, though the idea for the fic is based on a conversation that Sarah had with Charley in Season 2 To the Lighthouse.
Disclaimer: Not mine, wish they were.
Author's Notes:thank you joag for always going above and beyond beta duties. Internet, fandom and my life would be a lonelier place without you in my life.

I also believe that in the Connor's lives their time spent in Nebraska was probably the closest to normalcy they would ever experience.

One day John got sick. I didn't know what was wrong with him and I had no savings. No insurance. Hal pulled out a wad of bills, gave it to me and told me to take John to the doctor. He said as long as I needed help, he'd be there. Said I could count on him, no strings attached.

From Sarah Connor to Charley Dixon in To the Lighthouse.

Orchestration of OneCollapse )

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5th July, 2009. 8:12 pm. There are times...

I remember exactly why I married my hubby. I mean besides the fact that he's my built in 'geek squad', he's amazingly handy, a good dad and he understands my various obsessions. (not in that order of priority, but you get the picture)

We bring our dog Cassidy to visit my dad every Sunday at the assisted living place where he's now living. My dad is on the transition floor, which houses the Alzheimer and dementia residents, so every Sunday that Cassidy comes with us, it's like the first time.

With a smile on his face, hubby answers every question they ask about the dog. His age. How long we've had him, etc. etc etc. In the sixty minutes we're there, he answers the same questions, from the same residents without breaking stride. Every Sunday. Sixty minutes. Ten residents. Do the math, yet hubby never complains. Never says let's leave, never loses patience.

After thirty years, I think I'll keep him.

Current mood: loved.

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21st June, 2009. 7:26 pm. Thank you for being a friend

If there is one person or more on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.

Current mood: loved.

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16th June, 2009. 5:53 am. There are times I amaze even myself

I just got back a beta'd fic from joag and it never fails to amaze me how she manages to still (a) love me and (b) still have a well of patience for my mistakes.

It is (or it will be when I fix all the little pretties) a Sarah Connor story written in first person past tense and based upon the colors of the rainbow, it's a tense I truly need to practice on (obviously). Practice in? whatever... sigh.

Practice makes perfect? Maybe, but in my case, practice may perfect one thing but then it always opens the door to more exciting and interesting ways for me to make mistakes.

Bless my beta babe.

Current mood: awake.

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12th June, 2009. 7:37 pm. Adulthood sucks

Growing up I couldn't wait to be an adult. Hell what could it be bad? You got up when you wanted, partied, and the only person you were responsible for was you.

Then I got a full time job and realized that sleepng and partying part of adulthood had flown the coop. Still, I was only resposible for me... and then I got married... bought a house and my responsibility circle extended outward just a little.

Parenthood changed everything. Sleeping, partying... pfft gone with that first baby cry and those responsibilities now kept me up at night. With parenthood came a new angle, worry. Yeah, this adult thing... not always so grand.

And today I experienced a part of adulthood that no one ever told me about. When the parent becomes the child and you have to step up to make the decisions that had once belonged to the people who had raised you.

After a few years of slowly deteriorating health (both physically and mentally) a number of hospital stays, as well as a horrific six weeks in what laughingly was called a rehab, today my family had to settle my father in an assisted living facility on the transition floor.

What is the transition floor you ask? It's the floor in the assisted living facility where people with alzheimer or dementia stay. Honestly, the place is magnificent. The people that we met today, caring and understanding, answering every single one of my stupid, ridiculous, worrywart questions without an eyeroll. My father's room is homey (or will be when I finish bringing more of his life to him) with a brand new modern bathroom. He's got a great view out his window and I think I can breathe a bit easier having him.

But this is my dad. The World War II vet. The New York City fireman. The man who called me "pussycat" and would read to me every night when I was growing up. This was the person who showed my how to slide down a fire pole, taught me to love books, the written word and passed down his love of all things sci fi and fantasy to me.

That man doesn't exist anymore, only in my memories. He remembers me, knows that I'm his daughter, but I think my name is lost to him somewhere. My daughter has become me and I believe to my dad, I've become my sister who passed away two years ago. But when we left him today, he was busy talking to a woman eating at the table with him. He appeared happy which at this stage, is all I wish for.

In my heart I KNOW this is the right decision but can someone please explain to me why I feel like I deserted my child on the first day of school in a place full of strangers. I'm waiting for the phone to ring. Waiting for the note that he had a good day. For that gold star. For that smile of happy contentment.

I don't want to be adult anymore.

Current mood: sad.

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18th May, 2009. 10:59 pm. The end~

You know a part of me will always be the eternal optimist, seeing the glass half filled, that sorta thing. Fox had that empty space on Friday nights, you know the one, the hour just before Dollhouse, so contrary to what the soothsayers predicted, I was positive that Sarah Connor was going to fill that spot.

Come on, the show, while it hadn't done well in the ratings when it began the back nine and a move to Friday nights, slowly but surely was creeping upwards. Great iTunes sales. DVR numbers were high. DVD preorders Yadda Yadda Yadda...

I mean FOX renewed Dollhouse, whose numbers weren't as good as SCC ... and and and Terminator Salvation was opening on the 21st, FOX wouldn't cancel the show, how could they, that would be bad business sense.



The show was cancelled.

The problem and I think what hurts the most is that this show was like an amazing novel and now the only problem is that someone ripped out the last chapter, so I'll never get to see how the story ends.

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5th April, 2009. 10:46 pm. SCC gen fic: Six Degrees of Separation: Connor Style

Terminator: SCC
Title: Six Degrees of Separation: Connor Style
Author: devra
Summary: Bad days were relative
Warnings: spoilers for Adam Raised a Cain
Disclaimer: Not mine, though I have to admit that the writers of this show love the characters as much as I do
A/N As always a hug and kiss to my wonderful beta joag without her friendship and guidance I'd be lost.

SixCollapse )

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